Nathan Scott of Drake Rock is also Bailey Maguire of Picture This Studio


The now defunct Drake Rock featured him as Nathan Scott in 2010.


Also in 2010, he was Nathan Berry at English Lads.

nathan_berry_aka_bailey_maguire_01 nathan_berry_aka_bailey_maguire_02

He then used the name Bailey Maguire when he worked for Picture This Studios. He had a solo released each year since 2010 till this month, January 2014.

nathan_scott_isalso_bailey_maguire_02 nathan_scott_isalso_bailey_maguire_03
nathan_scott_isalso_bailey_maguire_04 nathan_scott_isalso_bailey_maguire_05
nathan_scott_isalso_bailey_maguire_06 nathan_scott_isalso_bailey_maguire_07

[info shared by James]

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