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Don’t hurt Jimmy Fanz!

I always had a thing for Jimmy Fanz. Love his body hair. He once mentioned he did str8 porn but I still haven’t found any proof. His scene at Fetish Force was not as painful as the other scenes [example 01, 02, 03, 04, 05] they have produced. It was a bit tamer which is good since I don’t want Jimmy to get hurt :)

fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_02 fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_03
fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_05 fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_06


Tyler Alexander got fucked by all types of sexes

Tyler Alexander is one of the most versatile porn star in town. He got fucked by men [gallery], women [gallery], and transsexuals [gallery].

tyler_alexander_versatile_04 tyler_alexander_versatile_03

He was not content with a cock and a strap on dildo, he was fisted by a woman in his latest scene released.


Alias74’s comment after watching this scene “This clip just made me cum hands free!!!!! Goddamn that Tyler is hot…first getting barebacked fucked by a transgendered performer and now THIS? Finger-sounded, prod attacked, whipped AND fisted????? Wake up people: your brand new super-performer has officially arrived!


Logan McCree tied

It has been a long time since we saw Logan McCree in action. Last month, Kink Men released his first scene. Fans will be happy that he did more. The second one was a solo [gallery] of Logan tied, suspended, flogged & edged at Men on Edge.



OUCH! Logan McCree’s cock and candle wax

Logan McCree is back in gay porn. His fans should thank Bound Gods. It has been more than a year since a scene of him has been released. In his return, he played with candle wax with his scene partner Sam Barclay.

Logan is bisexual since he had a relationship with a fellow gay porn star and a woman.


The kinky side of Ryan Young of Hard Brit Lads

Ryan Young‘s solo was released by Hard Brit Lads this month.

MASTER & SERVANT He used the name Billy when he played the master at Brutal Tops and a submissive at Straight Hell.

VIOLATED He used the name Yuri where he was violated by 3 older men at CMNM and fucked by a woman, who wore a strap on dildo at CFNM.

[Thanks Arnulf]


Dima TIED to a turn table and SPUN by Honza and Paul

photos @ William Higgins