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Posts tagged ‘Fraternity X’


The bareback porn star in Toby Springs aka Cowboy

As Toby Springs, he had a condom scene released by Bait Buddies last January 2014.

toby_springs_aka_cowboy_withwithout_condoms_01 toby_springs_aka_cowboy_withwithout_condoms_02

He is also known as Cowboy for his work with bareback studio Fraternity X.

He had a scene released as a top


and a bitch bottom.


[info shared by Random Guy]


Rhett of Chaos Men is Jacob Durham

Rhett was introduced this month, Dec 2012, at Chaos Men. Is this the current look of Jacob Durham? The answer is NO.

rhett_chaosmen_aka_jacob_durham_02 rhett_chaosmen_aka_jacob_durham_03

His solo had the production date of Oct 11, 2011, meaning the scene was shot last Oct 2011 but only released after more than a year.

His scene called “The Stuffing” at Fraternity X released last November 2012 is the current look of Rhett aka Jacob Durham as it had a production date of Oct 27, 2012.


[tip @ Alias74]


Pissing is now included at Fraternity X

The scene was called Pee Bitch by Fraternity X where Anthony was pissed by three of his fraternity brothers before he was barebacked by each of them.


Anthony’s VERSATILITY at Fraternity X

Anthony started at Fraternity X as the guy who only got sucked and barebacked his fraternity brothers.

But, the tables has been turned on Anthony at Fraternity X. He was now the guy who sucked cock and barebacked by his fraternity brothers.

The latest on Anthony at Fraternity X is a scene called No Means Yes, where he was shared by two his fraternity brothers, Ethan and Miles.