4 thoughts on “The TATTOOED body of Ace”

  1. I can appreciate the wonderful art work of tattoo artists. Drawing on paper or canvas like that is fantastic enough, but on skin is even greater talent IMO. However, I’d have nightmares or get dizzy in bed with him. The room would have to be pitch black so I couldn’t see him. Every time I see a guy with ink like that, I wonder how they’ll feel in the future when they have a family and go to the beach or friend’s pool for a cookout. Will they want to look like that and/or will the fad last.

  2. Hay gente que indudablemente, no tiene limites en muchos aspectos de su vida. ACE es uno de ellos. Hay tatuajes que son muy estèticos y realzan el cuerpo masculino…pero pasar a “SER UN CUERPO TATUADO”, en lugar de “UN TATUAJE EN EL CUERPO”, es una gran diferencia.

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