VERY RARE An openly gay guy at Corbin Fisher – Riley

When I think of Corbin Fisher, I think of str8 guys willing to do gay porn for the money. Eventually, as their careers progress, so is their sexuality. Some of them become bisexual. But, most will insist that they are still straight regardless of what they have done in gay porn.

It is very rare, like a needle in a hay stack, to find an openly gay man like Riley at Corbin Fisher. The sad thing is that an openly gay man like him will not have a long career at Corbin Fisher.

7 thoughts on “VERY RARE An openly gay guy at Corbin Fisher – Riley”

    1. God forbid we have actual gay men on our homoerotic porn site.

      I hope they don’t make him a requisite bottom, like they did with Jarrett – who also said he was a top in real life, but ended up face down & ass up most of the time.

      1. You are so right. Remember what happened to Jesse Santana when he was here? He didn’t get to top not even once. Same thing happened to Mason Wyler but he got to top on one occasion. And so did Carter Longway and Dante Fox/Sabel (only topped Lucas and bottomed in all other videos). Hell my favorite ginger from CF, Matt, didn’t top at all either and I know for a fact that he was gay. The only gay(?) model that didn’t bottom several times over is Carson. The reason why I have him as gay(?) is because I hadn’t heard him say he was but any CF model that hasn’t had an ACS stint may be gay. Same goes for Doug and Sloan and any others that I may have missed.

        1. Also, Denz, not sure if this is a first or not but CF’s update yesterday with Zeb and Aiden had Aiden topping again but I don’t think there was any foreplay at all; from what other people said, it went straight into the fucking. The preview pics even show them starting off fucking pantsless with their shirts still on until they are fully naked.

          1. I too can’t say if it’s the first since I haven’t watched all CF scenes. I am not a fan of scenes with no foreplay.

  1. What is this guy trying to flex? I see very little!! He is another legend in his own mind!!! Both ways! Erik Exner

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