Sean Summers of College Dudes == Landon of Corbin Fisher

SEAN SUMMERS His work at College Dudes is a comeback to gay porn. He did work for Dirk Yates and All Worlds and left porn.

This year, Sean Summers returned to gay porn via College Dudes last March 2012 where he had four five scenes – 2 solos and 3 action scenes.

LANDON Last May 31, 2012, he was given the name Landon by Corbin Fisher. There was no solo released. The reason, I guess, is that he has done prior work in gay porn. To make it more exciting for fans who recognized him, he had a bareback scene with Harper.

FYI There are two Sean Summers in gay porn. The other one worked for Southern Strokes.

[Thanks Jeff, Spongey & Flygal]

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