Cain and Kent of Corbin Fisher has been paired four times

It is not surprising that Cain and Kent has been paired in more than one scene at Corbin Fisher since the two porn stars are on the Dean’s List.

ONE A bareback scene called Kent creampies Cain released last October 2011.

TWO A bareback threesome scene called roughing up Russ released last December 2011.

THREE A condom threesome called tagged them Mario released last March 2012.

FOUR A bareback scene called feeding Kent a load released this month.

3 thoughts on “Cain and Kent of Corbin Fisher has been paired four times”

  1. cai has been getting fucked alot lately, love it. still think he is one of cf best tops just hope he does not turn in to the next dawson

  2. Great performance?They can’t even fake they are into guys.Just look at the last picture where the guy looks like he’s trying not to puke.

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