Corbin Fisher’s I’M INTO GUYS this 2012

The word gay or bisexual can’t be found in the guy’s description at Corbin Fisher. They prefer to use other terms such as “I’m into guys”. So far this 2012, there are 5 guys who are into guys at Corbin Fisher.

RILEY (April 2, 2012) “He first had sex when he was around 14. Riley is into guys and he went to sleep over at his friend’s house. They watched a movie and were inspired to get naked and suck each other off.”

AVERY (May 21, 2012) “Avery also says he’s interested mainly in girls but likes some guys, too.”

SKYE (June 25, 2012) “Skye’s pretty fearless about everything to do with his sexuality – especially his being out.”

JAMISON (July 9, 2012) “Jamison’s prefers guys, but he’s been with girls and wouldn’t say no to a hot girl.”

BLAKE II (July 23, 2012) “Blake likes guys and usually bottoms.”

[Thanks Ben for the idea of this post]

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