GAY 4 PAY Cameron Foster is getting hotter

He used the name Cameron when he worked for Sean Cody and used the name Foster when he worked for Corbin Fisher. He combined both names as his permanent porn name.

This month, 2 scenes of Cameron Foster were already released, one with a woman [gallery] and the other one a threesome with Johnny Torque and Brody Wilder [gallery] at Next Door Buddies.

Soon to be released this month, Dec 20, 2012, at Next Door Buddies is his flip fuck scene with Jimmy Clay called Switching Pockets.

One thought on “GAY 4 PAY Cameron Foster is getting hotter”

  1. Love Cameron Foster. He is one big muscular beautiful blond stud. His flip-flop scene with Jimmy Clay was super and he was hot when getting spit roasted by Brodie and Johnny Torque.

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