This solo of Cameron Foster earned him $2000

He was only known as Cameron when Sean Cody introduced him last November 2011. He was paid $2000k for his solo scene.


When Cameron was askedWhat was your first scene like? Were you nervous?” Cameron said

My first scene was a solo with Sean Cody and I will be real here. I was terrified that I was being flown out to some sort of sex trade market or something, because being paid $2000 to do what I would do on any given day seemed to good to be true! I was confident in my own strength though that I could get out of any situation that was not good. I arrived in San Diego and was picked up in a Limo and put in a gorgeous hotel with $100 bucks for food or whatever I please that night ( I accepted that money because I was “working” ) and they still took me out to eat at a very nice restaurant. So that being said my first scene experience was amazing!

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