CONFIRMED Pierce of Sean Cody will NOT be working for Corbin Fisher

Pierce of Sean Cody who is now known as Ryan Rose mentioned a couple of days ago that he was working for Corbin Fisher. Unfortunately, the porn gig didn’t pan out according to an interview he have for James, owner of What The World Does Not Need.

“Yes, I was going to start with Corbin Fisher, but unfortunately things didn’t pan out. That’s about all I can elaborate on that. I’m sorry I can’t go into further detail.”

pierce_aka_ryan_rose_01 pierce_aka_ryan_rose_02

He still won’t say in the interview on what’s next for him in gay porn. He did have a cameo role at Helix Studios. Was this an indication that we will see more of him at Helix Studios?

I’m sorry.  I can’t comment at this time on any future scenes or any companies I may be working with. You’re just going to have to follow me and find out.


I also asked Ryan Rose on twitter about his experience at Sean Cody.

Who was your favorite?


How was the atmosphere during filming a scene?


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