From being bisexual to straight for Steve Stiffer

He used the porn names Steve, Nick and Steve Stiffer when he worked in gay porn where he was versatile.

steve_stiffer_bi_to_str8_01 steve_stiffer_bi_to_str8_02
steve_stiffer_bi_to_str8_03 steve_stiffer_bi_to_str8_04
(each image, if clicked, opens to the gallery or info of the scene)

When he worked for gay porn, this was his porn resume, with last update of May 2012.


7 months later, Steve Stiffer updated his porn resume. He is not anymore bisexual. He is now straight. He aged 3 years from 23 to 26 years old. He is now only willing to do boy-girl scenes. Lastly, his gay porn work was removed in the comments area of the resume.


[tip @ James]

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