From Brice of Sean Cody to Connor Kline

He was given the name Brice by Sean Cody where he had four scenes released. Three of which were bareback that had him as a bottom to Jarek, Calvin and Marshall.

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Brice does have a tattoo on his back that reads “Born This Way”. He is one of the few openly gay men at Sean Cody since it mentioned he was a total bottom.

He was last seen at Sean Cody when his scene with Joshua was released last June 30, 2012. A few months later, he was known as Brice Banyan when he announced on twitter that he worked for Lucas Entertainment.

brice_seancody_aka_connor_kline_05 brice_seancody_aka_connor_kline_06

But, a few days later, his name was changed to Connor Kline. The hand of Sean Cody was involved for the name change.


It stated on his twitter page that he was an exclusive of Helix Studios and his current boyfriend is Casey Tanner. The two even shared private photos of their love making where Connor was the bottom.

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