Will Pierce of Sean Cody work for Corbin Fisher?

Sean Cody introduced Pierce to the gay porn world last Dec. 19, 2011 where he had 13 scenes. He had one oral scene and the rest were bareback. Although he did top, he got fucked in all 12 scenes.

pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_02 pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_03
pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_04 pierce_seancody_aka_ryan_rose_05

His contract with Sean Cody has ended. He is now known as Ryan Rose on twitter. He tweeted twice that he will be working for Corbin Fisher this month.


I get the feeling that he was joking when he sent these two tweets. He just shared a BTS photo that did not look like it was done at Corbin Fisher. Knowing Corbin Fisher, they would have made him close his twitter account already.

[tip @ Terry]

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