A 2009 scene of Austin at Southern Strokes was recycled

Last September 2009, he was introduced as Austin N by Southern Stokes.

austin_n_aka_emory_southernstroke_seancody_01 austin_n_aka_emory_southernstroke_seancody_02

Last month, his one and only action scene was re-released by Southern Strokes where he got fucked by Wade.


How would you know it was an old scene besides looking the same after 3 years? GOOGLE. Just make a search on Austin and his scene partner Wade and it will show a result that it was released in 2009. The scene just had a different scene title.


When Southern Strokes said “We combed through the archives and decided to bring back Wade and Austin“, it means we’ve seen it and they have nothing else new to release.


FYI Austin N was also Emory at Sean Cody where his two action scenes were released in the first quarter of 2008.


[tip @ Marcel & GMan]

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