SAME GUY? Tate of Fratmen and will of Sean Cody

In May of 2009, he was introduced by Fratmen as Tate. After more than 3 years, it seems he is back in gay porn. It was mentioned in a comment sent by Squiggy at Waybig the the new guy at Sean Cody named Will was also Tate of Fratmen.

fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_01 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_02
fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_03 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_04
fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_05 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_06
fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_07 fratmen_tate_aka_seancody_will_08

Same guy? The hairstyle hasn’t changed in 3 years. Except for the thickness, both have the same shape of eyebrows.

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