The non white, Austin Merrick, at Belami

This was the description of the scene of Austin Merrick’s latest scene released by Belami Online, where he got fucked by Adam Archuleta.

We are having quite an international week this week, we present today a scene with American model Austin Merrick and Adam Archuleta. 2 Notes from GDuroy: For those who criticize GD for featuring non white models Austin is mulatto and for those who are upset of Americans using condoms, we simply do not know the sexual history of the American models.


It created controversy to the words chosen by Belami Online, particularly the words “non white” and “mulatto”.

They sent a press release, via email, written by David Dixon. The reason for the mishap was due to lost in translation. For more, read this article from The Sword.

The comment in the scene description on the site appeared as the following:

“For those who criticize (BelAmi founder GDuroy) for featuring non-white models, Austin is mulatto.”

Yes, if that were the true intention it would be pretty racist. The comment in the scene description was originally written as follows: “For those who criticize (GDuroy) for featuring ONLY white models, Austin is mulatto.”

What happened is a misprint, not a racial attack. The person who was re-writing the comment online in the Prague office is not a native speaker and didn’t realize the (huge) difference in the meaning.

You be the judge.

5 thoughts on “The non white, Austin Merrick, at Belami”

  1. I think Austin is quadroon rather than mulatto. Quadroons can pass as white and have historically done so in order to escape a life of oppression and racial prejudice.

  2. I double checked my first remark and the archaic colonial denominations of mixed race are more complicated with several degrees of mixed race. The modern term, “biracial” is more modern and acceptable, as the archaic terms were used to promote the repression and curtailment of human rights.

  3. What’s the big deal?? Most porn is of white guys any way… And those that do show men of color do stereotypically, aka the “latin/black thug” or “asian geek”…. white/european studios are okay stick to what they know

  4. Fucking amazing how sensitive people get over this sort of things. For those who want men of other races, they can just do a “pink” search on google. Not everything in the world has to be some sort of affirmative action battleground.. sheesh …

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