Don’t hurt Jimmy Fanz!

I always had a thing for Jimmy Fanz. Love his body hair. He once mentioned he did str8 porn but I still haven’t found any proof. His scene at Fetish Force was not as painful as the other scenes [example 01, 02, 03, 04, 05] they have produced. It was a bit tamer which is good since I don’t want Jimmy to get hurt 🙂

fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_02 fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_03
fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_05 fetish_force_jimmy_fanz_06

One thought on “Don’t hurt Jimmy Fanz!”

  1. I just don´t want to hurt jimmy Franz. i just want to see-touch-kiss every hary hair of his unshaven body. maybe, maybe can somebody here get me in touch of Jimmy Franz site or personal e mail address. My God what a GREAT natural hairy man he is. For Jimmy Franz`± Ban the razor. This meassage from the netherlands, jan vos,spaarndam. NL . janvos2064″

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