Guy of Active Duty was actually a marine

Last November 2012, Queerclick posted a 21 year old marine that was stationed at Camp Pendleton.

marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_01 marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_02

That marine was actually Guy of Active Duty who was introduced in 2011. His tattoo on his right shoulder was not 100% finished when his solo was released. But, it was all done when his threesome scene was released.

marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_05 marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_06
marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_07 marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_08

THEN & NOW on Guy of Active Duty

marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_10 marine_turned_pornstar_guy_activeduty_11

[tip @ Michael]

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