Sad news about Logan of Corbin Fisher

There was a post on this blog that mentioned Logan of Corbin Fisher is in a “persistent vegetative state”.


Logan’ has been in a persistent vegetative state since 2008 when he was jumped by a group of guys for reasons having nothing to do with his Corbin Fisher work. Every one of the thugs who beat ‘Logan’ within an inch of his life was convicted for the assault and went to prison.


It mentioned that Corbin Fisher has been helping with Logan’s medical expenses. This makes me ♥ love ♥ CF more than ever since they take care of their employees.

Statement from Corbin Fisher sent on this post

 Logan was attacked in November of 2007. Logan is a close personal friend of many of us at CF. He is like family to us and we were utterly devastated by this.

You are correct Brian, CF’s company paid health insurance covered over $1.5 million in medical expenses. When we learned of the attack, we were at his bedside in ICU with his parents the next day, not knowing if he would make it through the weekend. He has always been a fighter, and he survived many setbacks during those critical first days.

No fundraiser was needed as CF paid for the expenses not covered by the company’s health insurance or the Washington state’s victim’s crime compensation fund. This included closing out his personal business affairs and paying for the Medical Learjet to transport Logan and his parents back to his home state.

The rape allegations were unfounded. No charges were ever brought against Logan. It took a few years, but the scumbag girl and her evil friends are all sitting in prison in Washington state right where they belong. The main perpetrator was sentenced to nearly 7 years. All of them are now convicted felons and will remain so for the rest of their lives.

None of that makes what happened to Logan any easier. He is such an amazing person and continues to amaze and bring happiness to his family every day.

CF maintains regular contact with Logan and his family. They are strong and very supportive of their son. He is being very well taken care of and loved by them every day.

They have asked for their family’s privacy to be respected and prefer not to be contacted. We kindly ask his many devoted fans to respect his family’s wishes.

The incident was even published by a local newspaper.


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10 thoughts on “Sad news about Logan of Corbin Fisher”

  1. My biggest question here is, how was this covered up for over 5 years. I can’t believe CF has never said anything about this. Logan was my favorite guy on CF, and I have written to them several times about his absence, and it infuriates me that responses that I received were bold faced lies. How do you protect privacy when all someone has to do is google the info now. Im a paid subscriber for 7 years, it would have been nice to have some kind of tribute/recoginition, especially after the passing of “sean”. This whole horrible thing must have happened right after he filmed his last scene which was released in November.

    1. I agree Danny, I was also a big fan of Logan’s work and could not understand why there was no mention of his leaving as there was w/ Lucas when he “retired”. Logan was a favorite of mine because he really seemed to be enjoying himself. He had such a sense of playfulness that he brought to every scene. I really missed him when he suddenly stopped filming and was puzzled and annoyed that CF never announced his “retirement”. This is a terrible tragedy and he is truly missed.

      1. It just irritates me that it was swept under the rug. The date this all happened was the same month his last scene came out from CF. I emailed CF several times like a year after he left and their reply was that he had moved on in his personal life because I had heard rumors that he had been in some kind of accident. I loved Sean to, but I thought Logan who really brought them some notoriety in the early days, deserves some mention. Maybe a petes attic, or something, just explaining what happened. His banter with corbin during filming was always great.

  2. I totally agree with what they did. Sometimes we forget that they do a job and thats it. Memorials are for family and friends and none of us were ever that close to any of the models. Give it a rest, guys.

    1. I’m not sure how I know, but it was posted at one time on either a blog or gay news site. It may have been dudetube or Queermenow. I’ve known this for a few years for sure. It’s a very sad and terrible thing that you’d undo in a heartbeat. You have to wonder if there was any remorse at all from the offenders.

  3. Really sad. I think CF (who I have to admire for paying for the jet, insurance, etc.) didn’t mention Logan’s beating due to trying to respect the family’s privacy. But, I do think it would’ve been nice to hear about it. I thought Logan, Lucas, Dirk… those guys were the ones who made CF what it is today.

  4. I can’t believe it he is my favorite too… All for a lie … He is so cute and I don’t know him but in his videos he is always smiling and out going. My prayer and love to Logan and his family.

  5. Does anyone know a website where I can find Logan’s man on man stuff? Corbinfisher took everything of his down. Thanks.

  6. Why has he been erased from the CF website??? Glad I saved the 22 vids I have of this young man 🙁

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