Samuel of Sean Cody is now known as Vaughn of Corbin Fisher

He was given the name Samuel when Sean Cody introduced him last Jan. 04, 2012. Only one solo and no action scene. This month, he is back again in gay porn. This time at Corbin Fisher where he was given the name Vaughn.

samuel_seancody_vaughn_corbinfisher_01 samuel_seancody_vaughn_corbinfisher_02
samuel_seancody_vaughn_corbinfisher_03 samuel_seancody_vaughn_corbinfisher_04
samuel_seancody_vaughn_corbinfisher_05 samuel_seancody_vaughn_corbinfisher_06

Both porn sites did mention 3 same info about Samuel aka Vaughn – deep voice, plays the piano and his 13″ foot size.

[tip @ Andrew]

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