Tanner of Sean Cody = Mogly of TAW = Percy of MFF

The latest guy at Sean Cody this week is Tanner.

tanner_sc_aka_mogly_aka_percy_01 tanner_sc_aka_mogly_aka_percy_02

Before he became Tanner, he was Mogly at Thunder Arena Wrestling.

tanner_sc_aka_mogly_aka_percy_04 tanner_sc_aka_mogly_aka_percy_05

He was also Percy of Male Feet Friends.


Outside gay porn, he is an aspiring model. He has a portfolio at Wilhelmina Miami.

tanner_sc_aka_mogly_aka_percy_09 tanner_sc_aka_mogly_aka_percy_10

[tips @ John, Gnormie, & Steve]

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