The gay and str8 side of Ennio Guardi

Two recent scenes of Ennio Guardi have been released where it showed his gay and str8 side.

Last April 06, 2013, his massage scene at Big Daddy was released where he fucked Juliano Mendes aka Terry Torson.

gay_str8_side_ennio_guardi_03 gay_str8_side_ennio_guardi_04

The 4th latest update of the str8 porn site Dane Jones had Ennio Guardi, using the name Angelo, in action.


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2 thoughts on “The gay and str8 side of Ennio Guardi”

  1. I don’t know how to describe Ennio Guardi except to say that he is beyond sexy. To make out with, give head to and then get fucked by a hot sweaty Ennio would be the thrill of a lifetime.

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