The versatility of the big dicked Caleb Moreton

When he started at Big Daddy, Dave (aka Caleb Moreton) was the goto top due to the size of his dick.

big_dick_caleb_moreton_versatile_01 big_dick_caleb_moreton_versatile_02
big_dick_caleb_moreton_versatile_03 big_dick_caleb_moreton_versatile_04

Lately, the tables have been turned on Caleb Moreton. He was getting fucked more than ever before.

FROM LUBIANO From flip-flop fuck with Roman Klaska (aka Savkov) on Big Daddy last November, Dave (aka Caleb Moreton) the one with a huge dick gets fucked more and more over a few weeks for our greatest pleasure! The last scene is published on Thursday with the beautiful Juliano Mendes begins in gay porn! Dave goal being has nice guy asked the boy to eat his ass and was surprised by a dick instead in his ass. Now Dave is a power bottom. Enjoy!


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