Alf Luganis was renamed by Belami Online to Gino Mosca

Normally, when one works for another porn site in Eastern Europe, he is usually renamed. They do this to associate the porn star’s name with the brand. It’s rare that a porn site changes the name of their porn star.

Not in the case of Alf Luganis (aka Karel Ceman). He was already introduced last 2010 by Belami Online. The info was already spidered by the search engine Google.


In fact, his scene with Jaco Van  Sant, he was still named Alf Luganis.

alf_luanis_aka_gino_mosca_03 alf_luanis_aka_gino_mosca_04

I don’t exactly when Belami Online changed his name to Gino Mosca.


[tip @ Terry]

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