Anthony of Straight Fraternity =? Terrance of The Guy Site

Anthony had a glory hole scene at Straight Fraternity but his face was not shown.


Random Guy sent me an email that Anthony is also Terrance of The Guy Site.

anthony_straight_fraternity_aka_terrance_the_guy_site_02 anthony_straight_fraternity_aka_terrance_the_guy_site_03
anthony_straight_fraternity_aka_terrance_the_guy_site_04 anthony_straight_fraternity_aka_terrance_the_guy_site_05

Why? Based on the photos, Random Guy said,

  1. They both have the same scar on their right shoulder.
  2. They both have the same stretch marks on their shoulders.
  3. Their biceps and triceps look the same.
  4. They have the same nipples.
  5. They have the same chest.
  6. Their abs look the same.
  7. They have the same belly button.
  8. They have the same low hanging balls.
  9. The size, shape, and color of their right-leaning circumcised penises are the same.
  10. They have the same prominent vein on their penises.

anthony_straight_fraternity_aka_terrance_the_guy_site_06 anthony_straight_fraternity_aka_terrance_the_guy_site_07

If you watched the videos, Random Guy said,

  1. They both wear the same grey underwear.
  2. They both have the same voice.
  3. Their asses look the same.
  4. They both have the same amount of hair on their legs.

Agree or disagree?

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