Back with more solos for Jimmy Clay, Chip Tanner and Tripp

SOON Jimmy Clay was last associated with Next Door and Dylan Lucas. His solo will be released soon by the twink site Helix Studios, who is adding more muscle to its line up.

moresolos_jimmy_clay_01 moresolos_jimmy_clay_02
moresolos_jimmy_clay_03 moresolos_jimmy_clay_04

NOW Chip Tanner was last associated with Randy Blue, where his last scene was released last May 2012. Today, his solo at Next Door Male was released.

moresolos_chip_tanner_01 moresolos_chip_tanner_02

LAST WEEK Tripp was introduced by Fratmen last Feb 2013. He was the new guy, introduced last week, at Dirty Tony.

moresolos_tripp_01 moresolos_tripp_02
moresolos_tripp_03 moresolos_tripp_04

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