Dalton of Sean Cody is now Scott Hudson at Randy Blue

He was given the name Dalton by Sean Cody when his solo was released last Sept. 2012. His last scene was released just  Feb. 2013.

dalton_seancody_aka_scott_hudson_01 dalton_seancody_aka_scott_hudson_02

Last May 02, 2013, I saw him online, doing a live cam show, at Randy Blue using the name Scott Hudson.


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One thought on “Dalton of Sean Cody is now Scott Hudson at Randy Blue”

  1. Dalton turned Scott Hudson who is really a straight escort who goes by the name Scott but is really named ***** **** and is living in Olympia, WA. After seeing him bb on seancody.com, I have to wonder how safe he is with his clients, who are mostly bottoms.

    === MEN of PORN edited the comment >>> The real name was removed. ===

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