THEN and NOW on Liam Corolla

When Liam Corolla was introduced by Broke Straight Boys last April 2012, he had short hair.

liam_corolla_thennow_01 liam_corolla_thennow_02
liam_corolla_thennow_03 liam_corolla_thennow_04

In his latter work at Broke Straight Boys, he did have longer hair like when he was barebacked by Johnny Forza.


He was re-introduced last month by its sister site, College Dudes. And, last week, his first scene was released.

liam_corolla_thennow_06 liam_corolla_thennow_07

Short or long hair for Liam Corolla?

liam_corolla_thennow_09 liam_corolla_thennow_10

[tip @ Bo]

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