Matt Castro of Randy Blue or Roberto of Sean Cody?

Matt Castro had a solo and two action scenes, as a top, released by Randy Blue in the latter part of 2012.

matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_01 matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_02
matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_03 matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_04

Roberto is currently the new guy this week at Sean Cody.


Matt Castro or Roberto?

matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_07 matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_08
matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_09 matt_castro_randyblue_aka_roberto_seancody_10

BY THE WAY, the two are the SAME GUYS.

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