Gabriel D’Alessandro was on Dr Phil as an admitted sex addict


He has done a lot in porn. Gabriel D’Alessandro had sex with men, women, and transsexuals. His scenes involved the use or none use of a condom.

sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_01 sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_02
sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_03 sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_04
sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_05 sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_06
sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_07 sexaddict_gabriel_dalessandro_08

Last Monday, he admitted to Dr. Phil that he was a sex addict.


He had sex with more than 3,000 individuals in a span of 7 years.


[tip @ Seaguy]

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