Taylor and Tyler, real life brothers at Corbin Fisher

Bad news first, the brothers might not be seen together in a scene according to Corbin Fisher.


Taylor (left), the older brother, was first introduced to us last week by Corbin Fisher. This week, it was followed by his brother, Tyler (right).

brothers_gayporn_taylor_tyler_02 brothers_gayporn_taylor_tyler_03
brothers_gayporn_taylor_tyler_04 brothers_gayporn_taylor_tyler_05
brothers_gayporn_taylor_tyler_06 brothers_gayporn_taylor_tyler_07

2 thoughts on “Taylor and Tyler, real life brothers at Corbin Fisher”

  1. what happened to these guys? anyone know? I, too, was hoping to see them in a scene together… both damn hot but I’ve got a favorite!

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