The wannabe model in Nate of Sean Cody

Last November 2012, he wanted to be a fitness model according to this blogJake, 20, from Kansas, is a collegiate baseball player and is looking to get into modeling. His main interests are fitness modeling, swimwear, underwear, and anything to do with sports or athletics in general. He stands 6′ 4″ at 200 lbs.

wannabe_model_jake_aka_nate_seancody_01 wannabe_model_jake_aka_nate_seancody_03
wannabe_model_jake_aka_nate_seancody_04 wannabe_model_jake_aka_nate_seancody_02

He ended up working as a porn model as Nate of Sean Cody last March 2013.

wannabe_model_jake_aka_nate_seancody_06 wannabe_model_jake_aka_nate_seancody_07

[info shared by Nataku at JUB]

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