Honoring the memory of Raphael of Fratmen or not?

Fratmen was in a quandary if they were to publish or throw it in the trash the shoot they did with Raphael, who died a few months ago.

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They decided to share it and Hostmaster John shared his thoughts on his decision.


I’m always a little puzzled by people’s feelings that it’s not appropriate to publish or leave published images of Fratmen who have passed, because those feelings carry with them the notion that what we are creating with these young men is somehow shameful or exploitative of them. While it is certainly true that some have come to regret their decision to become a Fratmen, I have tried extremely hard throughout the years to help all of them have realistic expectation about the experience beforehand, and to help them deal with negative consequences should they arise. Since it’s inception, Fratmen has strived to present a beautiful and idealized version of the the real-life people that stand inside their Fratmen characters, a version full of life and sensuality, and the performer who was Fratmen Raphael is no exception. I said shortly after he left the Fratpad that all anyone had to do was to spend a few minutes watching his archive to see that he was immersed in a difficult and troubling circumstance. At the time, we respected the wishes of his friends not be publish information about him or his memorial, or to solicit donations to assist in his burial, but there was never any indication from him that he had anything but esteem and admiration for the work he had done here. I personally can’t think of a more fitting tribute to him than to show him at his best, as he could have been, to express the profound and lasting sadness that he’s gone.

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