Libor Bores aka Chris Hollander and his polo shirt

In one of his shoots at William Higgins and Big Daddy, Libor Bores wore the same white and blue checkered polo shirt.

libor_bores_aka_chris_hollander_1 libor_bores_aka_chris_hollander_2

It’s the same polo shirt he wore for his shoot at Colt Studios, using the name Chris Hollander.

libor_bores_aka_chris_hollander_4 libor_bores_aka_chris_hollander_5

If you look at the backgrounds, it seems to implie that his shoot at Big Daddy and Colt Studios were done on the same day.

One thought on “Libor Bores aka Chris Hollander and his polo shirt”

  1. Not a polo shirt: it is a sport shirt, double-pocket short sleeve, all-cotton, button front with snaps on the pocket flaps in blue gingham fabric and cowboy style.

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