Trenton of Corbin Fisher with more facial hair

I am used to seeing Trenton at Corbin Fisher with no facial hair.


But, he had some facial hair when he did a live show at Flirt 4 Free, as Trenton Fisher.


In his live show, he said the following stuffs.

  1. No viagra on the set. No fluffers.
  2. His family does not know he does porn.
  3. He is bisexual and has no boyfriend. He doesn’t want to date a porn stars.
  4. Corbin Fisher for him is a job.
  5. Chandler’s dick was very hard to take.
  6. He doesn’t cum one week before a shoot.
  7. He drives a BMW.
  8. He doesn’t think he can handle a double penetration.
  9. He has a small smiley face tattooed on his body.
  10. Best kisser for him was Brayden.


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