Jarek of Sean Cody = Jarec Wentworth of Randy Blue

If you hear the name Jarek in gay porn, you would think of Sean Cody. Jarek has done 28 scenes with them, as a top and bottom, with and without condoms.

jarek_seancody_isnow_jarec_wentworth_of_randybue_01 jarek_seancody_isnow_jarec_wentworth_of_randybue_02

He is now out of Sean Cody. He is now with Randy Blue as Jarec Wentworth.

jarek_seancody_isnow_jarec_wentworth_of_randybue_05 jarek_seancody_isnow_jarec_wentworth_of_randybue_06

He revealed some pretty interesting information during his live cam show. One of them is why he left Sean Cody.


  1. He doesn’t like bareback.
  2. He left Sean Cody because they only allow them to reach a certain amount of videos.
  3. He is bi but never fucked a guy off camera. Just “fooled around”.
  4. He lives in Sacramento. He was born in Romania. Left when he was only 2 months old. Lived in Austria and left for the USA when he turned 2 years old.
  5. He will be on twitter soon.
  6. When he was 20 years old, he had a brief marriage.
  7. Ryan of Sean Cody will also join Randy Blue.

[info shared by Russe and Artu]

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