For those who missed Colt McGraw

He had scenes released till 2012 from Southern Strokes and College Dudes.

backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_01 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_02
backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_04 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_05

It was only this week that another scene of him was released. A bit grown-up and still using the same name. Colt McGraw had a solo release at Chaos Men. And, owner of the site is saying there is more of him in the coming weeks.


Then & now on Colt.

backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_08 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_09
backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_10 backfromgayporn_colt_mcgraw_11

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