Andrew of Corbin Fisher == Devin of Sean Cody


The solo of Andrew was released by Corbin Fisher last May 2013. It was followed by his str8 scene, a month later. Unfortunately, he did not have a gay scene released.

andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_02 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_03

Yesterday, Sean Cody released his solo using the name Devin.

andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_04 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_05

Andrew VS Devin

andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_06 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_07
andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_08 andrew_corbinfisher_inowknownas_devin_seancody_09

[info shared by Terry & a comment sent by VegasRich on Waybig]

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