Bobby of SC aka Jacob of CF had a different look in his audition photos

Sean Cody first released a scene of Bobby. It was followed a week later by Corbin Fisher, where he was given the name Jacob. Currently, he is employed by Corbin Fisher. Both sites did have a similar look for Bobby aka Jacob.

bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_01 bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_02

He did look different, longer hair, in his audition photos for porn studios shared on Tumblr by Maverick Men.

bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_03 bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_04
bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_05 bobby_seancody_aka_jacob_corbinfisher_audition_06

[info shared by Patrick]

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