Val Horner = Nicolas Cruz


He did use the name Val Horner when he worked for Belami Online but also used the same name for other sites.

val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_01 val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_02

He also used the name Nicolas Cruz for his work with Staxus, where majority of his gay porn work is found.

val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_04 val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_05
val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_06 val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_07
val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_08 val_horner_aka_nicolascruz_09

He is in front of the camera once again. This time for Czech Hunter.


[info share by Tim]

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