2 thoughts on “FIRST TIME for Gino to FUCK a guy”

  1. But a straight man would never fuck another man. Gino is either lying — (because all gay porn stars has had some sexual experience w/ another male in their past as young boys) — or he’s been fantasizing about being sexual with another man. And so, when this opportunity presented itself, he took it thinking that he’ll use this as an underlying to his homosexual identity. He needs to be outted. So that no woman should be tricked by another confuse gay man like Gino.

    1. “Gino is back, and nerves were definitely not an issue for him, “We’re gonna fuck! More specifically Blake’s ass.” Blake was pleasantly surprised by Gino’s comment”

      That’s EXACTLY what the info said. No straight men would one, say that, two, feel okay fucking another guy, or three agree with it. They would feel more incline to fuck a tranny than a guy, right? So why would Gino pass on a tranny and hook up with a dude instead? Btw, Gino looks VERY effeminate.

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