How Elliot Finn celebrates Valentines Day

Last year for Valentines at Next Door Studios [gallery], Elliot Finn brought in Dakota Payne as a threesome gift with his then boyfriend Carter Woods.

Elliot Finn wants to do something special for his Valentine, Carter Woods. Expecting their yearly Italian feast, Carter is peeved when Elliot tells him they're not going out to dinner. Instead, Elliot brings in Dakota Payne to feed both of their carnal appetites. Needless to say, Carter is pleased as pie as the guys get a voracious Valentine's fucking.

Now, Elliot & Dakota are lovers.

And, the tables have been turn around on Dakota this Valentines at Next Door Studios [gallery]. Elliot brought in Cody Viper as a threesome gift to Dakota.

Elliot Finn and Dakota Payne met in a very unconventional waylast Valentine's Day when Elliot's boyfriend surprised himby bringing in a third (Dakota). As it turns out, the sex was so good that Elliot dumped his former boyfriend in favor ofbuilding something serious with Dakota. Since Elliot found theV-day threesome so enjoyable the year before, he decides to plan another, taking Dakota by surprise.

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  1. Brian

    He celebrates by taking a job doing something he doesn’t like and snottily goes on social media to make sure people know he doesn’t like it. No thank you!

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