Condom use for Enrique Vera

Enrique Vera as the top to Marcel Gassion at Belami Online.

The reason for the use of condom.

There is a little backstory to this scene that seems more appropriate than a description of the scene itself. Adam Archuleta is our director here today, and part of the director's job is to ensure that all the models have current STD tests when they turn up on set… Sadly this time Adam forgot to do this, and rather than reschedule the shoot, he filmed it with condoms instead. Our more experienced directors would have postponed the scene, but at least we are grateful that Adam was quick enough to find a workable solution here, so we end up with the only non-coproduction scene with condoms in many, many years…

When was this filmed?

A photo shoot of Enrique released in 2009 by Belami Online showed he added mass and muscle to his body.

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