Flynn Arne of Raunchy Bastards.

Flynn Arne applied to do some porn work, and he was quite excited to work with hot chick that I set him up with. I told him, however, that before he could do any scenes, I'd like him to show that he could get hard and nut with a dude filming him. He understood, and he dutifully showed up on the appointed day. Jake Combs happened to hanging out with me that week, and he is eager to get into filming, so I suggested that Jake should film Flynn jerking off. I was curious about how that would turn out. A straight teenage dude filming another straight dude jacking off…
Well, when I watched the video I thought it was pretty hot. Not only did Jake do a fine job filming, the interaction between the two was chuckle-worthy. At one point Jake says to Flynn, "We're almost done, brother." As if it were as much of a chore for Jake as for Flynn. That said, Flynn did a great job of getting hard and he came a good amount, too. He was, though, extremely nervous, and it shows. It's funny seeing these normally macho types at their most vulnerable and unsure of themselves. Flynn has no reason to be nervous, though. He is one hot stud, and maybe one of these days he'll make a fine porn star.

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