JJ George (5’11”, 7″ cut, bottom) with Adam Killian as his first top

JJ George with his first scene at Lucas Entertainment with Adam Killian (5’11”, 8″ cut, versatile) as his top.

JJ George is a handsome and horny London native who joined the Lucas Men of Lucas Entertainment because, in his own words, “who wouldn’t want to [get] fucked by the hottest guys for a job?!” JJ is a bottom guy who loves threesomes—his ass can take a lot of punishment and he enjoys when his mouth and ass are filled up as much as possible at the same time. JJ George is an exhibitionist who risks having sex where he might get caught. When asked what kind of guys he likes to have sex with and bottom for, he said the following: “I’m quite strong so any guys who can dominate my ass or lie back while I take control!”

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