Not real life lovers but just for Men.

Paul Canon is having some romantic sex with his boyfriend Chris Cool when his side piece, Hatler, sneaks into the bedroom! To avoid arousing Chris's suspicions, Paul cuffs and blindfolds him, then puts him on their riding sex machine as he secretly penetrates Hatler behind his man's back! When a stranger's cum lands on Chris's face, he suspects something's up, and soon he catches the tattooed homewrecker riding Paul's dick! "All your cocks are mine now," Chris declares as he pushes Hatler down on the motor toy, then sits on his dick as he sucks Paul. It's Hatler's turn to wear the cuffs as Chris and Paul spit-roast him, then Paul fucks both their holes until he cums on his bf's ass and his side piece licks it off. Chris shoots a thick load on Hatler's face before kicking him out.

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