Caden Jackson shot his load twice for Malik Delgaty

Malik Delgaty at a car wash fundraiser for his fraternity at Men.

It started with Malik taking his shirt off to entice guys to get a car wash for charity. It caught the attention of Caden Jackson.

Malik gave Caden an erotic cleaning of his car that Caden jacked off and and shot his first load (but it was fake) on the car window that shocked Malik. Then, Caden licked his own load from the window to which Malik smiled and invited Caden inside the frat house.

Caden shot his load twice for the pounding he got from Malik and so did Malik. It ended with Caden eating Malik’s 2nd load.

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One thought on “Caden Jackson shot his load twice for Malik Delgaty”
  1. Handsome Caden should have told muscular Malik: you don’t get a piece of my fine ass unless I get kissed, sucked and rimmed.

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