Hotdog on a bun: Damian Night

Damian Night offered his brother’s stepson (Jack Waters) his hotdog as a medicine for his headache at Family Dick of Say Uncle.

Young Jack wakes up to find Damian, his stepdad’s sexy brother, cooking hotdogs for lunch. Jack is a bit surprised to meet him, yet, his head is spinning from last night, so he goes to the couch to rest. Damian wants to make his newly-met step-nephew feel better, so he makes one special hotdog with his cock in it. As he serves it to Jack, the boy is adamant at first but soon feels that getting his ass pounded by his hot step-uncle is surely the best medicine for his headache.

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  1. andrew

    Jack got served that hotdog at Damian’s Ball Park. No mustard was really needed. That Damian hotdog cums with it’s own creamy dressing.

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