With 32 scenes of Daniel listed by Sean Cody, 4 of those had him as the bottom.

The first 3 happened in 2013 with Liev, Brandon & Cameron.

The last one of Daniel as the bottom was in 2017 with Randy.

His latest at Sean Cody is his 5th in a row as the top where Cam was his bottom.

Alex Rim started gay porn last year and all his released scenes had him as the top including the 2 scenes released this week.

The first one had him as the top to Trevor Laster [gallery] at Next Door Studios.

While, the second one had him as the top to Jake Porter at Men.

Alex Rim is Elder Rim at Missionary Boys.

Brysen is more of a top than a bottom at Sean Cody.

This 2019, he started with Cam, Jace and Angelo.

And, Brysen, who now sports a beard, is on his 4th bottom this 2019 at Sean Cody with Riley.

Overall, Riley is his 8th bottom in a row at Sean Cody. The last time Brysen was the bottom was back in June of 2018 with Brock.

Lior Hod has been a bottom in gay porn but majority of his 20+ scenes had him as the top like his scenes at Staxus where his latest bottom was Jacob Dolce.

I’ve seen Lior Hod bottom at Debt Dandy and UK Naked Men.

If you love to watch guys in gay porn only as the top, Jax of Sean Cody is your guy. He is now on his 12th bottom (Angelo, Sly, Brysen, Sean, Blake, Lane, Manny, Dean, Asher, Cole, Cam, and Robbie) since he was introduced last March 2018.

Two scenes as the top for, the 6’2 with an 8″ uncut dick, Vicman at Tim Tales this month.

His first bottom was Santi.

And, it was followed by Jay Michaels.

Phoenix River [gallery] now has three scenes as the top at Active Duty.

The first one was with Johnny B [gallery].

The second one was with Ryan Jordan [gallery].

And, his latest bottom is Richard Bulger [gallery].